Natural Rubies

Ruby is red corundum, all other varieties of corundum being referred to as sapphire. Corundum is the second hardest substance on the Mohs scale, with a rating of 9. It is this combination of excellent hardness and the rich color and silky shine that make fine ruby gems so valuable.

Rubymark provides single stone to Bulk quantity of Natural Rubies from Afghanistan. 

Natural Emerald

Emerald is the most precious stone in the beryl group. The wonderful green color of emerald is unparalleled in the gem world. Our finest emerald available today is sourced from  Panjshir-Mine Afghanistan. Emerald, by definition, is a medium or darker green to blue green beryl, in which the green color is derived from impurities of chromium, vanadium, or a combination of both.

We have huge stock of rough and polished emeralds ready for sale.

Natural Sapphire

Sapphire, with its Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, is one of the most valuable and wearable of all gemstones. Famed for its brilliance and rich blue color, sapphire actually occurs in a wide range of fancy colors, including pink, yellow and green. Sapphire includes gems of every color of corundum, except for red, which is classified as ruby.

Afghanistan’s Sapphire mine is located in Badakhshan Afghanistan, Rubymark is your only source for Natural Sapphires from Afghanistan

Semiprecious Colored Gemstones

Agate,  Amethyst, Amethyst Geode, Ametrine, Ammolite, Aquamarine, Aquamarine, Chrysoberyl, Citrine,Color Change Garnet, Fluorite, Garnet, Golden Beryl, Jade Gemstones, Jadeite, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli,Peridot, Prehnite, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sphene, Spinel, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Tsavorite Garnet, Turquoise, and any colored gemstones

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